Save Money Vacuuming with Eureka Envirovac

Eureka EnvirovacEveryone vacuums their home, some more than others. This helps keep your home cleaner. Vacuuming your carpets also helps your carpet last longer! The thing most of you don’t think about is while you’re vacuuming, you are using electricity! Most vacuum cleaners will consume 12 amps of electricity! That is 1,440 watts of electricity being used while you are vacuuming your floors!

How Much Does Vacuuming Floors Cost

Well most vacuums on the market today consume 12 – 14 amps, the average home will have a 12 amp vacuum. So 12 amps x 120 volt = 1,440 watts. Average person will vacuum their home around 2 times a week. The average person will probably run their vacuum cleaner for about an hour each time they vacuum their floors. So that’s 2 hours a week spent vacuuming. So there are 52 weeks in a year, so 52 weeks x 2 hours = 104 hours per year vacuuming. So 104 hours x 1,440 watts = 149,760 watt hours. Most electric companies will charge you per kWh so to convert 149,760 watt hours to kWh we need to divide by 1,000. 149,760 watt hours / 1,000 watts = 149.76 kWh per year. What does that convert to in money? Average cost per kWh is $0.10, so 149.76 kWh x $0.10 per kWh = $14.98/year.

NOTE: The more often you vacuum, the longer you take to vacuum, the more money it will cost to run your vacuum cleaner.

How Can I Save Money Vacuuming

You can buy an environmental friendly vacuum cleaner like the Eureka Envirovac! This vacuum is awesome! The Eureka Envirovac is easy to tear apart for repairs, easy to clean, easy to empty, does a great job vacuuming hard floors, carpets, and cars! I personally own a Eureka Envirovac and love it. It is a very powerful vacuum but only consumes 8 amps! This vacuum has just as much or more suction than a lot of the 12 and 14 amp vacuums on the market! I highly recommend buying a Eureka Envirovac to save money, save the environment, and keep your home and car cleaner!

How Much Money Will I Save

You will not save a great amount of money, but you will save a little money each year, as well as keep your house cleaner! This vacuum will cost you $7.49/year in electricity! Which saves you $7.49/year! Again, if you vacuum more often than 2 times a week you will save more money. If you vacuum for more than an hour each time, you will save even more money!

If your current vacuum cleaner is working fine I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a Eureka Envirovac as the savings are not that great, but if your vacuum cleaner is not working great or broken, I would highly recommend purchasing a Eureka Envirovac today!

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