Calculator to Calculate Kwh

If you are wanting to calculate your home’s kWh usage you can use this kWh calculator below to calculate kWh. This calculator uses the same kWh formula found on Formula for kWh Calculator. You may also be interested in a kWh meter to monitor certain electrical devices in your home or even your entire home. You can use a whole home kWh meter to see if your electric company is billing you for the correct amount of kWh usage.
Cost per kWh This can be found on your electric bill. The average cost per kWh is $0.13, so you would enter 0.13
Device Name Watts Hours Used Per Day

10 thoughts on “Calculator to Calculate Kwh

  1. The best energy use calculator I’ve found online. Simple and user-friendly. Been using it for years. A great resource for the energy-conscious consumer. Thank you.

  2. Rob,
    This is hard to say without more data, need to know total usage, max current draw, generator size, type of generator, if and how long you want your battery bank to provide power if generator fails.

  3. What a lifesaver. This help me calculate so many things-when it comes to my electricity.
    Understandable and it’s very easy to use

  4. This really sucks, I needed the amount for only 6 hours of use not 1 freaking months worth much less 1 year. It’s a cool idea but is executed atrociously and what is this ugly font???????

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