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There are many green products you can purchase to go green. Help save the environment and also save money while purchasing these green products. You will find ebooks here that are downloadable, you can download them and read from your computer without having to waste paper or wait for shipping! These go green ebooks will pay for themselves in no time!

There are also some products such as vacuum cleaners that use less electricity than an average vacuum cleaner and actually work better! I personally use the Eureka Envirovac, and I love it! It has lots of dirt sucking power, only uses 8 amps or 960 watts, where most other vacuums are 12 – 14 amps or 1440 – 1680 watts! I even use my Eureka Envirovac to clean out my car!

There are also many other green products I will try to add here as well. I will try to add green cleaning supplies, green soaps, and pretty much any eco friendly products and organic products I can find out there. Then sooner or later I will try to write a complete article about the eco friendly products and give full details of how they work, how much money they will save you, etc.

Earth Friendly Eco-Friendly Products

Image/Product Name Eco Friendly Product Description
Eureka Envirovac
Eureka Envirovac
This eco friendly vacuum is amazing, uses only 8 amps of electricity and yet has more sucking power than the average 12 – 14 amp vacuum cleaners. I am pretty sure Eureka has a couple different eco friendly vacuums, but the one I have is pictured on the left. Click the image to find more information about the Eureka Envirovac or to purchase the Eureka Envirovac!
Build Your Own Solar Panels
DIY Solar Panels
Learn how to build your own solar panels. Building your own solar panel will cost about $200 or less. It will cost you around $620 to buy a solar panel that you can build yourself for under $200! This guide provides eBook, videos, and photos to teach you how to build your own solar panel or array of solar panels! For more information: Build Solar Panel for under $200.
HoJo Motor
HoJo Motor
This eBook shows you how to build a self powered perpetual motion motor to power your home for free! This eBook teaches you to build Howard Johnson’s permanent magnet motor in 2 days. The parts needed can be purchased at local hardware store for under $100. Interested in building a HoJo motor? Read more information: HoJo Motor
Low Cost Printing You can get high quality prints printed at a low cost using Print Place. Only down fall is most products you have to order in high volume, I think 250 prints is the lowest quantity. If you need a lot of printing done, save some money and use Print Place
Low Cost Printer Ink Toner You can buy your printer’s ink cheaper at 123InkJets. You can buy almost any printer ink cartridge or toner cheaper! So if you need to get new ink for your printer, buy from 123InkJets and save some money! My ink cartridge is usually $30+ at local computer stores, but 123InkJets has it for only $7.95! That’s a big difference.

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