Homemade Eco Friendly Dishwasher Detergent

So you want to make your own dishwasher detergent! This is a very good product to make. It will save you money, save the environment, and save your health! Just think of all those harsh chemicals being blasted onto your dishes, silverware, and glasses! You put your food on them, eat from them, and drink from them! Then you wash all those harsh chemicals down your drain!

Continue reading and you will learn how to create your own dishwasher detergent with supplies you probably already have at home. This will get your dishes pretty clean and will not leave any residue on your dishes.



  1. Mix the baking soda, Borax soap, and dishwasher salt together
  2. Pour into a sealed container or jar
  3. Use 1 tablespoon soap mix in pre-wash soap compartment and 1 tablespoon in wash compartment.
  4. Use 2 tablespoons or 1/8 cup vinegar in rinse aid compartment.
  5. Turn off any type of heated dry feature on your dishwasher (to save money)
  6. Start dishwasher


Can I use regular salt?
Yes, but I don’t recommend it. Table salts can contain other ingredients that may streak your dishes and make your water harder instead of softer. You can test and try it out. If you get streaked dishes, it’s most likely because of using table salt, sea salt, or some other impure salt instead of dishwasher salt.

My dishwasher has a built in water softener that I fill up with salt, do I still add salt to this eco friendly dishwasher soap?
No, if your dishwasher already has a built in water softener, there is no need to soften the water more. If you add salt to the recipe still, you won’t hurt anything, just wasting dishwasher salt. If your dishwasher’s built in water softener isn’t working the greatest, you may still want to add the dishwasher salt to the mix.

This mixture amount while using the recommended amounts each load should give you roughly 20 loads. If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions for this eco friendly dishwasher recipe or any other eco friendly cleaner please comment below.



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  1. Whisperingsage Says:

    These ingredients work great on clothes and many things however, I’m concerned about adding too much sodium to my soils or water table. I’m thinking along the lines of wood ashes and making liquid soap as I understand it will have more potassium instead and stay a liquid because of it

  2. Anya Says:

    This is a very good text to read and in I really liked the text because we been talking about how water is important.

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