Homemade All Purpose Eco Friendly Cleaner

There are many harmful chemicals in your name brand everyday all purpose cleaners. Very few are all natural. If you’re looking to make your own all purpose cleaner that will save you money as it’s cheap to make and keep you, your family, and your environment safe from harmful chemicals continue reading to learn how to make your own homemade eco friendly all purpose cleaner.

You probably already have the ingredients in your home to make this cheap homemade all purpose natural cleaner! All you will need is water and baking soda for this eco friendly cleaner recipe!

Homemade Eco-friendly All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

Natural Ingredients:


  1. Mix the water and baking soda together in a container. I like to use 1/2 gallon containers.
  2. Close lid tight and shake ingredients for this natural all purpose cleaner together.
  3. Label container “Natural All Purpose Cleaner” and if you like you can write the ingredients as well.
  4. Pour this natural all purpose cleaner on a cleaning rag or sponge and wipe surface clean.

You can add more baking soda if you need a slightly stronger natural all purpose cleaner. This natural all purpose cleaner is great for your kitchen and bathroom as it cleans and deodorizes! Use it on your kitchen and bathroom counter tops, refrigerator (will not harm any of your food), microwave oven, trash cans, sink, and your stove top! This all purpose eco friendly cleaner leaves to scents or fumes, only clean freshness!

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